Contemporary Furniture in Richmond

Contemporary Furniture in Richmond

I am so decorating my house like this when I grow up!”, SSR exclaims as she is walking out the door!

CS hugged her favorite chair as she said good-bye!

My 5th and 6th graders loved the colors, the comforts and fun on their field trip today!

Sarah gives the girls a tour of all of the offerings at LaDiff. We looked at office furniture, lighting, dining tables, plates, counter stools, kid’s bedroom furniture, lounge chairs, sofas and the recycled cardboard mounted animal heads!
You can visit them yourself to check it out in person (14th & Canal Street)
or view some of it on line:

What is hidden behind that door?
Just checking out some the kid’s furniture on the 3rd floor!

Enjoying some of the cool chairs…and relaxing!

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