Broken Shells

Broken Shells

I love taking walks on the beach to look for shells. I focus on finding the perfect, whole shells with pretty colors. My children are always picking up the broken ones! They like the color or the shape; they just see something in it that I am not looking for. I want the finished piece of perfection.

I thought these shells were worth walking past. The large one is grey and dirty and most of the others are broken. My kids stopped to pick them up!
When I looked a little more closely I realized how pretty the shells were.

There were even a few of my “perfect” ones mixed in.
This old work table belonged to my grandfather. We spent hours together building dollhouse furniture on this table. It is old, worn and “broken” in places. I keep it stored in my attic and I often think I should just pull it out and put it in a room where I can enjoy it for all of it’s flaws and the memories that make me smile.

I think I will ask my children!

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