Twinkle Lights for Home Decorating

Twinkle Lights for Home Decorating

Creative and Clever Ways to Light Your Home

Twinkle lights for home decorating was a common theme throughout the recent market I attended in New York City.  These branch balls have led lights at the tips and plug in.  I am so inspired to use all of these ideas for porch lighting.

I loved the creative use of basic white lights.  These were “stuffed” inside a grapevine ball.  How clever to hang them from branches.  Do this on your deck or porch over the dining table.  A great alternative to candles and far safer.  

This lighting display is hanging from an antique ladder.  What do you have in your garage that you could hand a few lights from?

There endless possibilities for changing the “display” according to seasons and holidays by using a garden trellis.  The trellis will bring height and light to soften the corner of your porch.  This one is strung with wood vines and white twinkle lights, a good basic look.  Change the lights out by the season or by the holiday.  The best selection I found online is from Ooga Lights.  Add greens from a local craft store like Michaels.
For autumn try the crystal berries!

For an enchanting centerpiece try three miniature trellises surrounded by a floral arrangement.  

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