Imagine This: Furniture Plans

Imagine This: Furniture Plans

A furniture plan is one of the most important tools when you’re redesigning or filling a room. Before you make a costly mistake, let Kathy Corbet Interiors come to the rescue!

We create computer-generated furniture plans that allow you to envision your existing furniture in a room before you do any moving, or to see what pieces would be best for you to purchase. We can also give you a variety of options so your room ends up looking just right.

Here are a few times when having a furniture plan is most useful:

– When you want to change up a room and give it a new purpose.
– Filling large, over-sized or oddly shaped-rooms where placing pieces perfectly is a challenge.
– Putting furniture in a new or remodeled home.

Check out this quick video to see the difference furniture plans can make. I’ll show you how I utilized furniture plans to convert a client’s sunroom into a dining area, how they were integral in filling a client’s “great room,” and how they helped a client organize the dining room in her newly designed home.

We offer several fixed-rate packages for floor plans—it doesn’t have to break the bank! Contact me today to talk about how we can transform your home.

Kathy Corbet Interiors is thrilled to be featured in the upcoming book Inspired Interiors. Browse some of our most beautiful spaces alongside the work of other leading interior designers and start imagining your dream home.