The Mix: Camouflage

The Mix: Camouflage

–>I have a prediction: the next big trend in home furnishings is going to be camouflage.

Duck Dynasty is the number-one TV program, and it’s rare that one episode goes by without that familiar pattern showing up. It was only in one showroom in High Point on my most recent visit, but I promise it will be everywhere soon. To keep ahead of the curve, and to make sure you up your camo knowledge for your next cocktail party, here’s a little history on the iconic pattern.
Behold, the Homo Sapien
Camo started with the prehistoric man—he wrapped himself in animal skin for protection, disguise and the Shamanistic concept of bonding with the spirit animal hunted.
World War I Dazzle
In the first world war, camo showed up on ships. It was called “dazzle” and sparked a fashion craze in 1919.
Iwo Jima
During World War II, camouflage was used to cover Marine helmets. After that, they went head to toe with it.

West Germany, 1950
Every country has designed an individual camouflage pattern for every war they’ve been involved in. This is a 1950s West German camo pattern—add color and you’ve got a Keith Haring painting!
Add color to this Finnish 1960s camo pattern and you’d have something strikingly similar to Matisse’s “Art With Scissors.”
1960s Mod Meets Camo
I think the designer of this Vietnam-era photo came up with this on an acid trip. Funny how it echoes the psychedelic fashion prints of that time period.

Here’s some of the latest in camo.
This is the perfect man cave chair. It’s the only item I saw at High Point that picked up on the trend. Jackson furniture has licensed theDuck Dynasty name for recliners and sectionals.
The hairy Duck Dynasty guys aren’t the ones who will inspire this trend, Korie Robertson is (note, the Duck Dynasty pattern she’s sporting). Stay tuned, you heard about it here first!

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