Art To Di For

Art To Di For

We will continue to feature the contributors to the “Enchanted Forest”: a second floor family room/game room in the Richmond Symphony Designer House.  With these amazing resources and talents we can create truly unique and beautiful rooms.

CUstom painter based in Richmond, Va.

For the past 15 years, Diane Williams of art to Di for has been creating innovative, custom hand-painted finishes for ceilings, walls, floors and all surfaces in between.

Diane Williams, owner of Art to Di For

Diane is committed to updating her knowledge of decorative arts and techniques on a regular basis and keeping up with the latest in design trends. I love her goal—ridding the world of boring, white painted columns.

Check out a projection screen designed by Art to Di For

This whimsical design really makes the room! The high gloss frame in a wave motif sets the scene nicely for the projector screen.

Custom bathroom painted by Art to Di For

In this half bath, her textured walls make a great background for the bold tile. The pattern is perfect for a small space.

Paitning by Art to Di For

She works magic in concealing receptacle covers set in marble. The matching is impeccable!


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