Smooth and Easy Color Schemes

Smooth and Easy Color Schemes

In interior design, we often focus on one room at a time. But in reality, the kitchen, the dining room, the family room and all those other rooms all add up to make a home. And it’s important that your home flow cohesively.

Problem solved: Make sure you select paint colors that flow nicely and easily from one room to the next.

When painting, choose a neutral color palette for your home as a whole, then vary it slightly from room to room. While bold colors seem appealing when you’re looking at teeny, tiny paint chips, they can be overwhelming when you use them in a large space.

So, start neutral, then think about warm versus cool colors.

Sherwin-Williams’ in-house color experts teamed with healthcare experts and furniture makers to create a series of coordinating color palettes for today’s seniors. The collection includes two “foundation” palettes that can be used for any age group. My advice is to choose your look: warm or cool. Then take each color in the collection through the rooms in your house for smooth transition of color.

Start with cool foundation colors.

Cool color foundations selected by Kathy Corbet

Stainless steel, stone surfaces, brushed nickel, ice, salt and fog all come to mind when looking at these. If your home has a lot of these natural elements, cool might be a good way to go.

Cool accent colors recommended by Kathy Corbet

Accent colors are a good place to go bolder: indigo is a great accent for cool tones.

Room designed by Kathy Corbet Interiors

Here’s where it all comes together. The cool background is warmed up with texture and the indigo accents.

You can also do something similar with warm tones.

warm foundation colors selected by Kathy Corbet

These foundation colors make me think of sand, wood, coffee, cocoa and leather.

warm accent colors recommended by Kathy Corbet

These are perfect accents for warm tones. The chocolate brown gives depth, while the red and peacock bring it to life.

warm-toned room designed by Kathy Corbet Interiors

The finished room is all about latte, caramel, chocolate and comfort.

Need more help with color palettes? Check out my Design With Technology service. I can help you select a new color scheme, then use the latest design programs to help really see what it will look like in your home before you buy the paint.

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