Light Up Your Look With Decorative Lighters

Light Up Your Look With Decorative Lighters

Light up your look with decorative lighters. Each is a conversation piece suitable for formal dining to grilling.

 Light up your look with these elegant Apothic Wicki Candles

The table is set with beautiful accessories such as these Apothec candles and you’re guests are about to arrive. What do you light your candles with?

The aim n flame isn't the most elegant way to light candles.

This is what we pull out of the drawer, an eyesore. Not only that, but you can never find it and, once you do, it is usually empty.

Wouldn’t you rather use something that you don’t need to hide in a drawer? Each of these options is refillable and so attractive you’ll want to keep it out in plain sight so it’ll be easy to find—and to remember to refill.

Elegant black glass lighter selected by Kathy Corbet


Create your fire with elegance and distinction.


Brown leather lighter for a more masculine touch

If elegance is not your thing, then fire up the fun at the grill with this masculine leather handled lighter.


There's even a natural bamboo lighter option.

There’s even a bamboo option for the naturalist.

All of these lighters are available in my shop At Market in DeCOR. Stop in and see what’s new today!

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