The Family Charging Station

The Family Charging Station

First you had a land line. Then came a cell phone. Today, you might have a personal phone, a work phone, a tablet, a laptop… and that doesn’t include your spouse or your kids! With so many devices in one house, it’s hard to find a place to charge them all without an unsightly mess of tangled cords spilling everywhere. I’ve sought out some ideas to help my clients keep it clean and organized.

Try a charging tower
You have seen charging stations popping up all over airports; the need to power up multiple devices is being addressed.  Now it is time to put one in your home.

airports do it, why not add a charging tower to your home?


Concealed desks
This photo has been saved to more than 20, 000 idea books on; the desks are the ultimate in home organization.  This renovation is now 10 years old and the “power management” was done the old fashioned way—a power strip tucked up under the desk top.

hide your cords behind a concealed desk

The easy fix is an outlet that has usb ports.  This is great if you have a location with a clear surface where you can place the devices being charged.  Think about replacing an outlet at your kitchen counter with one of these.  I like the idea of my kids (who go to 0% all of the time) recharging when I am in the kitchen—they actually talk to me while powering up.


use a Leviton plug to convert a regular outlet into a charging station

Table top
The Power Bar by Mockett is the ultimate family charging station.  This comes in a table top version as well as a version that can be clamped on the side of a desk to save space.

outlet selected by Kathy Corbet

My suggestions
Use the Power Bar to set up a charging station in your home:
1.   In a basket to keep the devices contained (Put a hole in the lower side to pull the cord through).
2.  On the hall table; use the clamping version for this.
3.  On an end table, possibly one with a lower shelf so devices can be tucked out of sight.

a power bar designed by Kathy Corbet

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