Imagine This: Turning Clients’ Visions Into Reality

Imagine This: Turning Clients’ Visions Into Reality

I just love how the light filters through the stairwell…”—taking a client comment seriously and turning it into reality.

Being an interior designer isn’t just about having a good eye and technical knowledge. You also have to be able to listen to your clients and provide suggestions they might never have even thought of. On a recent home design project I had an opportunity to do just this. We were planning out a redesign when my client said something: “I love how the natural light filters through the stairwell. I hate to put up walls.”

A light bulb went off. Why add a solid wall when a glass wall would provide a partition without removing natural light? I was able to use technology to give the client an idea of what the wall would look like before we started work.

house frame

A walk through the frame is when my client made the comment about the light flowing through the stairwell.

Chair view drawing by Kathy Corbet

I used my program to show the client how the glass wall would look from the sitting area and the stairwell behind it.

stairwell drawing

And, voila, the finished project!

Chair view by Kathy Corbet Interiors

The light is beautifully complemented by the neutral tones in the finished sitting room.

Glass Wall designed by Kathy Corbet Interiors

And here’s the stair view. The glass makes the stairwell look much more modern and spacious.

Glass Detail chosen by Kathy Corbet.

The is the 3 Form etched glass design we chose. The house is surrounded by the lake and greenery. The pattern picks up the movement as light shines off the water and moves through the trees. Plus, it provides some privacy while allowing natural light from outside to flow through the house.

One quick conversation ended in a beautiful, unique design element. I always strive to get to know my clients so I never miss an opportunity to turn their dreams into reality.

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