Endless Search: Chair Sit Test

Endless Search: Chair Sit Test

I explored the High Point Market, finding the absolute most comfortable chairs for my clients. 

When you select a piece of furniture for your home, you want to be sure it’s functional, stylish and, of utmost importance, comfortable. It doesn’t matter how great a new piece looks in your living room if you can’t actually use it.

My job is recommending the right pieces of furniture to each of my clients, ensuring their total satisfaction both in terms of form and function, and I take that job seriously. So, when I go to market I personally test each piece of furniture. I other words, I do a lot of sitting!

I personally sit test every chair before recommending it.

I walk around the market testing every chair I like, then taking notes so I can remember what I thought when I get back home.

Kathy Corbet sampling chairs at the high point market

It’s a tough job but someone’s got to do it. Some of the specific options I keep my eye out for include deep seated chairs for tall people and sofa nappers, low chairs for shorter folks, reading chairs and perching chairs. I also check fabric type, how easy it is to clean and how many textures and patterns it’s available in. That way I have a range of options for every client, no matter their style and seating preference.

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