The Mix: Wallpaper Therapy

The Mix: Wallpaper Therapy

You have been traumatized by it, you are now frightened by it.  The dreaded wallpaper.  There’s no need to grab a paper bag to hyperventilate!  Take a moment, pour a glass of wine, sit back and relax.  It is time for “wallpaper therapy”.

When some people think wallpaper, old houses with overbearing, garish patterns come to mind.

bouquet wallpaper

A heavy pattern adds one layer too many to an already very decorated room.


This looks like it’d appear in an old diner.

Wallpaper today has come a long way, though. Take it from my friend Muffy Barden of Barden’s Decorating: “The percentage of wallpaper has at least tripled in the last five years and it’s not just about wallpapered walls anymore.  Ceilings, cabinetry, doors and furniture are all great places for a pop of pattern, texture and color without the commitment of a painted decorative finish.  Wallpaper can be easily removed if installed properly where a painted decorative finish may require sanding and skimming to remove texture and glazes.”

With that in mind, here are a few of my favorites:

big croco

Big Croco by Elitist. This vinyl pattern isn’t too imposing, but adds texture and a subtle pattern. Plus, the vinyl texture is more durable. Use this to add something extra to a room that already incorporates bold colors.


Schumacher’s lifesize tree-of-life print removes any need for additional wall art. I see this as the main attraction in a sitting room with gray and white accents.


Then we have Weitzner’s Magnetism wallpaper, which comes in several colors with an elegant linen texture. This one immediately says kids’ room. Let them hang whatever they like that particular week with magnets, so they can change favorites over and over again without destroying your walls.

I’m always on the lookout for the latest trends, texture, prints and colors so my clients don’t have to worry about it. Here are a few of my recent wallpaper projects.

Kathy Corbet Interiors - 3 Projectsburnished metallic sample

In this room, the burnished metallic print adds a perfect accent to the back of the shelves in a room that already incorporates strong colors.

genon vinyl below rail (1)Genon Perrenial Texture Vinyl

Here this MDC wallpaper works as a chair rail to protect the wall from kicks and smudges, but the subtle pattern adds warmth to the room.

Remember, one pattern doesn’t have to stand alone.

trellis and grasscloth (1)

Here two different wallpapers combine for a classy take on tropical.

Kathy Corbet Design

And in this bathroom wallpaper combines with decorative paint for a preppy, colorful look that has a lot of style without feeling overwhelming.

I can help you select the right patterns and textures for your home, too. Let me do the legwork so you can continue to sit back, relax, and love your home.

Kathy Corbet Interiors is thrilled to be featured in the upcoming book Inspired Interiors. Browse some of our most beautiful spaces alongside the work of other leading interior designers and start imagining your dream home.