Fads vs. Trends: When Is It Safe to Try It?

Fads vs. Trends: When Is It Safe to Try It?

A fad is a revolution and a trend is evolution.  Where do they start, when do they catch on and when are they over done? And who cares?  Many of my clients are asking for grey and it’s up to me to caution them about following a gray fad or to encourage them to commit to a grey trend.

And who knows if it is grey or gray, anyway?

Let’s take a look at some home decor fad/trends that came on the scene as a result of popular culture, in particular movies. When animated films hit the big screen, bright saturated colors enter the minds of the population and often start showing up other places. What do you think, trend or fad? Let me know in the comments.

SW 6711

This Sherwin Williams “parakeet” green color was never seen in a home until…

Even Shrek can inspire home decor.

This guy came along and impressed us as a romantic. All of a sudden acidic green was a romantic touch to add in your home.

Green Floral window

And in this execution it actually looks fresh, organic and inviting. Let’s look at another example.

SW 6884

Appropriately named, Sherwin Williams’ “Obstinate Orange” was too bright and shocking for use in a house. That is, until this guy swam onto the scene in 2003.



All of a sudden this European “rage” color started showing up all over the USA.


Kathy Corbet Design Model Home

It still works best as an accent color. Most recently, I’ve been noticing more and more young people choosing to die their hair gray.

Is the gray hair trend inspiring gray additions in the home?

And, of course, now more and more home furnishings are showing up in gray, too.

Kathy Corbet Design in a Model Home

Is this ice princess to blame?!


What color will we be adding to our homes next? Well, Finding Dory does come out next month, and blue is a lovely shade for summer!



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