Special Features In Hospitality Design

Special Features In Hospitality Design

When we finally get out of the office (or the house), we are looking for more than just refreshment. We seek the experience and the escape. Special features are an important part of hospitality design.  I admire the restaurants, bars and hotels that set the stage for passive entertainment.


Wienstein Bar Stage

A Grand Scale Bar, Admired From Two Floors

The bar at Wienstein & Gavino’s in downtown Montreal combines vintage and French bistro inspiration.  The crystal chandelier has me thinking that the bartender may sing opera while mixing drinks.


Pascale Sabine amphitheater craft cocktail

Craft Cocktail Mixing In A Mini Amphitheater

Pascal & Sabine in Asbury Park, New Jersey, offers two bars that allow guests to choose their vibe. The first is a small, intimate bar with a clear focus on mixology. Note the bartender is in her costume: the apron, blouse and necklace were a common thread among the service staff.


Pascale Sabinebar 2

The Hushed Social Bar

Across the room, the more social bar invited more relaxed conversation, although the dark glass with the backlighting still gave it a hushed feel.

A note for my residential projects:  Just like the owners of this bar/restaurant thought about the moods they wanted to convey with each area of their restaurant, you can do the same with your home. Perhaps a kitchenette is bright and cheerful for waking up in the morning, but a cocktail corner in the family room is more dark and relaxing.


Triple Crossing Brewery

Elevated Seating

In my design for Triple Crossing Brewery’s Fulton location, I included an elevated lounge that breaks up the space and separates groups from those sitting at bistro-height tables. Elevated lounges are a recent restaurant trend, I think because they make for ideal spectator seating, just like the monkeys spying on the activity from above. I filled every part of this spot with surprises, no matter what path you take when you visit.


The Men's Room at Triple Crossing in Fulton

No Detail Left Out

I even wanted the restrooms to be set with scenes and each one is unique. In this men’s room, the urinals have a stage of their own.


los fuegos kitchenlos fuegos bar

Ingredients As Decoration

Located in the Faena Hotel on the beach in Miami, Los Fuegos by Francis Mallmann is a dazzling combination of well-thought-out details.  The outside bar and kitchen both feature refined and deliberate eye candy. This provides obvious kitchen inspiration. Don’t forget, ingredients can double as decoration!


Brickwall Tavern host

The Costumed Staff

We are talking about escapes, right? What better way to get away than to be welcomed by a character? At Brickwall Tavern and Dining Room, the host’s attire sets the mood for the meal.



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