The Mix: Steampunk for Normal People

The Mix: Steampunk for Normal People

Steampunk is a trend that involves the interaction of history, art and technology—sometimes called retro future.  The often avant-garde style can seem so far out there for most of my clients.  However, I do believe there are bits and pieces we can incorporate into our homes.

Brizo shows pipes as shelf supports in an industrial-chic steampunk kitchen look.

I took this photo just about one year ago in the Brizo showroom. Using pipes as shelf supports just isn’t growing old with me.  This steampunk style might not be for your kitchen, but let’s put it in the butler’s pantry. Also notice how pairing the pipes with glass shelves adds style while keeping the look light and minimal.

The taps at Prarie Street Brewing are just as lovely as the beers they brew.

Prairie Street Brewing Co. in Rockford, Ill., makes a killer bourbon barrel barley wine (almost literally!), but as an interior designer, I got a buzz from the creative levers on these taps.


Who says your kitchen utensils can't have a bit of industrial flair?

Eating with your tools? Why not? Imagine stocking a man room, bar, or even funky outdoor kitchen with this equipment.


I love the classic, timeless look of this industrial chic bar I caught on camera in Paris

I believe Phillippe Starck or one of his proteges is responsible for this industrial-chic bar in one of the shops at the Saint Ouen Flea Market in Paris. Note the pipe supports for the counter top and the classic, timeless white tile. Let’s use this as inspiration for a powder room or guest bath.

The old ball and chain becomes a steampunk visual display when grouped like this.

Is it just me or does this give new meaning to the term “the old ball and chain?” It’s from the same shop in Paris.  You can try this at home and create a little steampunk display of your own.  What do you collect that you can group?  What odd object can be paired with other more classic items to create an eye-catching combination? This is a great way to test the style in your home because if you get tired of it, you can just rearrange your items again.


This is some random yet beautiful railroad hardware I have collected while walking my dog.  Stay tuned! It is my Steampunk work in process.

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