Love Your Home: Custom Furniture

Love Your Home: Custom Furniture

The right design style and the right scale can often be difficult to find.  Custom designed and locally made furniture get both right.  And you get to enjoy an original, unique piece of furniture that was designed just for you. 

Custom furniture sounds great, but choosing the right piece can be overwhelming. I guide my clients through the process, helping them find the right vendor and choose just the perfect design for their style and space. These are a few of my favorite custom furniture designs.

Custom Coffee Table

This great room called for a large cocktail table: 58 x 64. The hand-planed top, planked shelf and chunky legs in hard maple make this table look small.  Made by Woods Refinishing.

This coffee table may be large, but the custom design makes it look small


Custom Console

My client wanted something unique. She wanted a bench with storage that slipped easily underneath. My design combined iron, galvanized sheet metal and hard maple. It also combined the talents of 2 local talents—Daylight Cabinetry and Small Axe Forge.

This custom console by Kathy Corbet provides seating and storage


Reclaimed Wood Table

Seth Woods of Woods Refinishing took this barn apart plank by plank in western Virginia.


This trestle base table utilized the wood reclaimed from the barn.  My initial design was turned into something truly special when Seth followed the live edge of the wood for the table edge.


Reclaimed wood table by Seth Woods


Isn’t the detail on this wood absolutely beautiful?


Live Edge Cherry Bistro Table

Salveged iron and live edge cherry bistro table by Kathy Corbet Interors


This collaboration between Small Axe Forge and Woods Refinishing was seen by many at the 2014 Richmond Symphony Designer House built by Bel Arbor Builders.

If you like the look of these live-edge wood tables, take a look at my post about this beautiful furniture trend.



Kathy Corbet Interiors is thrilled to be featured in the upcoming book Inspired Interiors. Browse some of our most beautiful spaces alongside the work of other leading interior designers and start imagining your dream home.