Love Your Home: Pick the Right Paint Colors

Love Your Home: Pick the Right Paint Colors

Choosing paint colors for your home can be overwhelming. Luckily, picking the right paint color is an interior designer’s specialty.

When this family of four moved from Arizona to Richmond, Va., I helped them take their style from Southwest to refined Southern with a pallet of blues and tans to show off stunning wood grains and white cabinetry.


We started with this range of Sherwin Williams blues for the vestibule ceiling (bracing blue), kitchen ceiling (Upward), kitchen walls (Aleutian)  and dining room (Daphne).


Then, we added this series of warm neutrals in adjacent rooms to frame the blue tones nicely.



A grouping of blue and brown custom upholstered chairs and ottoman pull the colors together in one stylish seating arrangement.



Instead of thinking of rooms individually, I like to think of how a house flows and how the colors move from one area to the next. The changes in tone can be subtle, but envelope each room. Each room can have its own mood and design, but they all jive together as one fluid family.



In the dining room, we chose dusty grey blue tones, which always show off rich wood tones nicely. The white trim and cabinetry really stand out, creating a clean, crisp atmosphere for meal time.


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