The Endless Search: Flower Power for the Home

Kerrie Brown garden wallpaper is sumptuous and colorful

The Endless Search: Flower Power for the Home

We see fads and wonder if they will become trends; something accepted more long term.   Flowers and bouquets are back with a fresh new twist for your home. This look can add a pop of color or a fresh feel to a more muted design style.

Oversized Flowers

Kalalou Botanica flowers for the home


These oversized Kalalou Botanica fantasy flowers are creative versions of flowers you recognize. A stunning arrangement featuring these will be part of my foyer design, “Stairway to Heaven,” for the Richmond Symphony Orchestra League Designer House this fall.

Floral Prints

Christian lacroix orchids fantasia fabric


This bright and edgy Christian Lacroix orchid print will also make an appearance in my foyer design. It is going to be an oasis.


When the fad becomes a part of men's fashion, you know it has hit.

When the floral trend appears in a men’s dress shirt you know it went from fad to trend! Find this Eton men’s shirt at Franco’s Fine Clothier.

Flowers on the Walls

Kerrie Brown garden wallpaper is sumptuous and colorful


This “Down the Garden Path” wallpaper pattern has been on my list of favorites for 3 years now!  Designed by Kerrie Brown, a former Hollywood movie set designer from Australia.

Flowers on Furniture

Flower prints also make a nice accent on chairs or other small pieces

The floral trend has also made an appearance in my ”go to” entry level upholsterers collection by Rowe.



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