Imagine This: Fantasy Powder Room

Ceiling designed by Kathy Corbet Interiors at Richmond Symphony Designer House

Imagine This: Fantasy Powder Room

How do you handle an off-center chandelier in a small space?  Old homes present challenges when it comes to plumbing and electrical.  Most of it can’t be relocated.  Sometimes clever solutions are required…

Kathy Corbet shows you how to make an off-center chandelier work in a tiny powder room

This was the off-center chandelier in the powder room at the Richmond Symphony Orchestra League Designer House. Oh my!

The Molten Spider Chandelier by Regina Andrew


My solution to disguise the off-center placement was this free form fixture from Regina Andrew called the Molten Spider.  Using it created a new dilemma. I would be looking up at all of those bubbles…it was just like being in a glass of champagne. A vision came to mind, but it would require some assistance.


Kathy Corbet and friends at the Richmond Symphony Designer House


I summoned a few friends for a special photo shoot. Luckily they rallied to the cause.


QPHPhoto shooting for Kathy Corbet Interiors

My photographer, Quentin Penn-Hollar of QPHPhoto, worked on his back coaching them all through expressions and poses. This is dedication.


The Richmond Symphony Designer House champagne bathroom by Kathy Corbet.


Diane Williams of Art to Di For hand painted bubbles on the walls. They look so real, it really is like being inside a glass of champagne.


Ceiling designed by Kathy Corbet Interiors at Richmond Symphony Designer House


And, for the final pop, Detroit Wallpaper custom printed the wallpaper that Tommy Barden of Barden’s Decorating installed on the ceiling.

And yes they are still my friends!

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