The Mix: Ceiling Accents to Envy, Part 1

Notched ceiling detail by Kathy Corbet Interiors

The Mix: Ceiling Accents to Envy, Part 1

A plain white ceiling can often stand out in an otherwise well-appointed room. Why do so many people ignore this 5th wall?

This first part in a series will cover ceiling details with “applied trim.” This means the ceilings started out flat and we brought in talent to give them dimensional interest.

Here are some of my favorite examples.

Kathy corbet designed this ceiling design, which was executed by Mike Terrell of River City Constructors


This soaring foyer needed a special ceiling accent to balance the many textures and details throughout the house. Mike Terell of River City Constructors executed my design beautifully.


Kathy Corbet designed this ceiling for a game room


This simplest applied trim is a rectangle accented with paint. That said, look how this small addition sets off the trim in the rest of the room!


Greek key ceiling detail by Kathy Corbet interiors


This design takes the rectangle trim up a notch with Greek key details at the corners. It feels a bit more formal to match the design of the room.


Notched ceiling detail by Kathy Corbet Interiors


Another variation on the rectangle is a notched version. I accented this one with a color from the interior. It really adds another layer of style.


Kathy Corbet added reclaimed wood beams on the ceiling of this kitchen to warm it up.


Reclaimed wood beams can always be added to warm up a room. Look how these E.T. Moore beams add a hint of warmth and character to what could be a sterile, white kitchen.

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