Our Process: How Kathy Corbet Gets to The Big Reveal

Our Process: How Kathy Corbet Gets to The Big Reveal

Ever wonder what it’s like to work with Kathy Corbet Interiors? We are taking the mystery out of the process of designing.  This is part 1—measuring, space planning and budgeting.

This case study shows how we worked with one client to transform a room.

The Before

See the room before Kathy Corbet Interiors transformed it.

This is what the room looked like when we arrived to measure. The client’s wish list included plentiful seating and a game table with chairs that would be easy for age 70+ grandparents to get in and out of easily.

The Options

To make it simple, we created three layouts with only the main pieces of furniture and clearances called out. This article from Apartment Therapy does a good job of describing the clearances we like to consider when space planning.  Each client has a different comfort level with distances between furnishings. The right spacing is truly what makes a room “work”. Seeing the key elements laid out enabled the client to give feedback on what layout they liked best.

Kathy Corbet design option 1
Kathy Corbet design option 2
Kathy Corbet design option 3

The Final Layout

Once the client provided feedback on the basics, we layered in the rug and occasional furniture.  Not everything needs to be new—the two chests on each side of the fireplace were repurposed for this new room.

The final design by Kathy Corbet


Next, we layered in lamps.

Floor plan with lighting byt Kathy Corbet


As each plan was presented, this budget was too.  We provided a high and low possible price for the furniture.  The prices were based on previous projects.

The type of budget Kathy Corbet shares throughout the design process.


The finished room retains a sense of the client’s style, but feels lighter and more roomy. The client was delighted with the result and how informed they were every step of the way!

Kathy Corbet Interiors is thrilled to be featured in the upcoming book Inspired Interiors. Browse some of our most beautiful spaces alongside the work of other leading interior designers and start imagining your dream home.