Trend Alert: Just push a button

Trend Alert: Just push a button

I used to panic when a client wanted a recliner for the “man of the house.” Now the women want them too! 2019 has seen a resurgence in recliners or what the experts call “Motion Furniture.” I truly believe this is because the new recliners are actually very good looking. Design matters! And a side of comfort doesn’t hurt either. So, don’t hit the panic button–press the recline button on your new motion chair!

I came across an article late last year that would tell me what type of chair I am.  This was the result!  I was surprised (horrified?) at the time, but I should have known that once again I am ahead of the trends.

Kathy's buzzfeed test results

Here I am enjoying one of the very chic leather “Pitch Perfect” chairs at the Wesley Hall showroom.  This is my #1 best seller. A classic, streamlined design is also oversized and comfy.

Kathy Corbet testing a Wesley Hall Recliner

I love this!  Who cares about a hammock?  This Sam Moore recliner is not only year-round and indoors, but also a conversation piece.

These pieces by Sam Moore do not even look like recliners until you get up close and see the button.

woman sitting in Sam Moore recliner
Sam Moore recliners

Also take a look at this classic leather sofa by Bradington-Young.  Now you can kick back and put your feet up without sacrificing style.

Bradington-Young Recliner

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