Faking It with Industrial Looks

Faking It with Industrial Looks

The popular “Urban Farmhouse” trend is starting to morph into “Urban Industrial” where natural materials blend with more streamlined decor for a fresh, modern style.  Here are great ways to fake it in a non-industrial setting.

Faux Brick

Installing brick tile with a jagged edge creates a neater version of a crumbling factory wall. Try it in a shower.



Or in a coffee nook.


Both of these faux brick tiles are available at Morris Tile.


Here are some easy and more economical ways to add hints of metal into your home. 



This fireplace is made from over-sized large copper tiles. Find them at Mosaic Tile



On first glance this backsplash looks like metal. It’s actually decorative paint by Art To Di For.



This is definitely a way to draw the eye upward! The tiles are porcelain imported from Italy and available through Mosaic Tile.



Here, we wanted to add some chrome flair to an already industrial space. To blend the new in with the existing building, we faked the metals.  The table tops are sheets of galvanized metal.  The metal door texture on the walls is plastic.



This is wallpaper from Wallquest.  It was used to give a stylized, masculine look to this teen bedroom drop zone.



This room looks warm, rustic and expensive. In fact, the “wood” floor is LVT vinyl from Mannington.  The walls feature another faux brick wall installation.



Thanks to hi-definition printing, we can now enjoy amazing faux weathered wood wall coverings.  This one is vinyl.

Want to fake this farmhouse industrial look in your home? We can help! Contact us today. 

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