Playrooms that are fun and functional

Finished playroom living room by Kathy Corbet

Playrooms that are fun and functional

Teen, child and toddler rooms have been a standard for many years in homes with kids.  Now they are a common request from the grandparents as well! At Kathy Corbet Interiors, we specialize in designing playrooms that visually please adults while sparking imagination in children.


From Living Room to Playroom

One client wanted to turn her living room into a play area for her young sons.  Her wish list included a hideout, toy and book storage and a slide! I designed upper and lower decks that could be little hideouts with the addition of pillows and blankets.  Of course, I started with a few drawings to show her my ideas and how they could come to life.

Playroom digital drawing by Kathy Corbet

The storage on the right is a future desk. The platform on the left with the steps is convertible at a future date to become desk #2.

Finished playroom living room by Kathy Corbet


Reading and Craft Nook

Reading and Craft Nook by Kathy Corbet

This colorful nook was designed for a model home in a 50+ neighborhood in Magnolia Green.  Providing a space for grandchild sleepovers was an exciting opportunity to get creative.


Teen Drop Zone

Teen drop zone by Kathy Corbet Interiors


This little nook in the bedroom became the perfect spot for a teen to drop her gear on the way in. The mirror makes it easy to add the final touches to her look on the way out.


Formal Living Room with a Hidden Play Area

This formal living room needed a few modifications to be suitable for four generations, including a play space for the great grandchildren.  Upon entering the room we see a lovely living room.

Formal living room by Kathy Corbet

Once you are in the room you can turn around to see the play corner. Elegant storage baskets and natural wood tones help ensure they toys aren’t too distracting.

Formal living room play corner by Kathy Corbet

Are you looking for a way to blend kid fun with functional style? Contact me and we can talk about your family.

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