Installation: Richmond Animal League

Installation: Richmond Animal League

A year ago I was approached by the Richmond Animal League to help them with their new executive offices.  It is important for businesses, including philanthropic organizations, to have a “vibe.” The right mood is appealing for attracting not only clients, but potential employees as well.  It also makes for a happier work environment and this crew works hard.

The Challenge

The RAL asked me to utilize the “Fear Free” colors and theory while also maintaining the existing branding and colors, a challenge indeed!


Here is the RAL logo that shows the brand colors.




The Solution



We chose a wall covering accent and pendant light to pick up on the logo colors. The paint colors are my version of no-fear companions that mingle with the bolder logo colors. By using the bold accents strategically we were able to accomplish the mission.


Break Room Makeover


The break room was a space of function. It needed some pizzazz to energize the caring staff and volunteers.



We incorporated the logo colors on one wall as an accent to brighten and modernize the space. Even the cat liked it!



Conference Room Before and After


This wide open room often served multiple purposes at once with several volunteers working on different projects at the same time.



I took the wide open room I added partitions and niches as well as 2 “work booths” for volunteers to make phone calls.

Pet Friendly Dutch Doors

The executive offices have Dutch doors to allow the occupant to keep a pet contained when the adoption center is full to capacity.

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