Flex Furniture for Staying at Home

Flex Furniture for Staying at Home

We have spent more time at home this past month than ever before.

You might be looking at your house and wondering how to make certain spaces more flexible than they were before. We now need multiple offices, perhaps a classroom and spots to spread out all in one house! Luckily, my team has tackled this task in many ways before. Here are some of my favorite flexible furniture projects.


Multi Social Areas

Here is a project where we planned for four activities in one living room. The furniture was chose was flexible enough to be moved slightly to allow for it. You’ll notice a game table by the window, swivel chairs in a corner and the classic social area with a sofa and 2 chairs. The final activity: entertaining. A little rearranging opens the room up to a large group. You can add nooks to your space, too.

Here are some ideas for making more nooks and special spots in your home.


Tea Table Work Areas


Place a small dining height table (30-32”) in a sunny area with 2 chairs for a cheerful place to focus on game playing, jigsaw puzzles or homework. Sunbrella fabric on the pillows above holds up to direct sunlight.



Swivel Chair Hideaway

Move two swivel chairs to a corner with a drink table in between to provide an out of the way spot for reading or quiet listening.



These Robin Bruce swivel chairs manage to be plush and comfy without being over-sized and the Noir accent table adds a lot of personality in a small space.


Classic Ekornes Stressless Chairs have a midcentury modern vibe, but are also so perfect for lounging.


Game Nook


Two upholstered chairs with a chess set can be tucked into a corner.  We placed these Robin Bruce chairs with a custom table made by Small Axe Forge using materials from Classic Granite and Marble in a large foyer to create a quiet place away from the rest of the house.

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