Installations: Home Office Desks

Concealed Teen Desks

Installations: Home Office Desks

Working from home is the new normal.  Here are some Richmond area home offices and the variety of desks I specified.


Partner Desk

Partner Desk

This 12×12 upstairs landing had so many and so few possibilities at the same time. It felt remarkably spacious being adjacent to a tower-like staircase, but needed some strategy to fit the right office elements. I worked with Georgia Kukoski of The Closet Factory to create a his-and-hers home office with a partner desk and lots of storage.  The “bulletin board” is tac wall in grey.


Sit/Stand Desk

sit and stand desk


I love this home office I did for a small business owner. The beautiful desk is motorized for sitting or standing while you work.

Look how fluidly it moves:

And here is a detail view:


Playroom Desks

Playroom Desk Kathy Corbet


This parlor was loaded with toys the first time I saw it.  My plan was to make it a room to grow into. A fort, a slide and a reading hideout are perfect for boys ages 2 and 5.  Give it a few years and we will remove slide and steps to be left with two built-in desks and a project table in the middle.


Ladies Desk

Ladies Desk RSL Designer House


This is from the 2008 Richmond Symphony League Designer House. A simple writing desk in the corner with a very feminine chair and a mirrored wall is all you need. This could actually double as a vanity table!


Drop Zone Desk

Drop zone desk


This is from the 2012 Richmond Symphony League Designer House. The tiny room was a pass-through for the basement steps, a garden door, the dining room and the kitchen. A multi-purpose drop zone desk provided a sunny place to focus on the work at hand.


Concealed Teen Desk

Concealed Teen Desks

Kathy Corbet Interiors – 3 Projects

These desks were built into a closet for two teen girls.  There are laptop drawers and tac board walls, but the doors can be shut for a clean and clutter-free look. 


My Home Office

As many of you know, my husband and I live in a one-bedroom apartment. Our shared office is the dining room table. I came up with a way to officially close for the day.


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