What to learn from the pandemic when it comes to our homes?

What to learn from the pandemic when it comes to our homes?

We can’t change the current situation but we can learn from it. As we went from being carefree and going to the grocery store every time we needed something to then being germ-obsessed wiping down every single item that is coming back into our house, we are now looking into finding a new balance that can serve us.

Which habits did we take during this pandemic that could actually help us to have a cleaner, more comfortable home and living environment on a regular basis? Let’s take a look.

  1. No shoes inside policy

Taking our shoes off before entering the house is a great habit to keep. Not only it prevents bringing back a lot of invisible germs from the streets but it also helps keep the house generally cleaner with less dirt around.

It creates a ritual that respects your home and make it your sacred cocoon. Take your shoes off, you are now entering your comfortable space. If it might be an effort at first it will soon feel weird to walk with your shoes inside when you could be wearing your comfy slippers instead.

TIP: Make it easy for you to keep that rule. Add a shoe rack by the entrance.

  1. Wear your mask

Masks have shown their efficiency to keep us and others safe from viruses. What if we kept wearing our masks even after the pandemic as soon as we are getting sick? That would prevent all viruses to spread and keep everyone safe.

TIP: Hang it by the door just like you would with your scarf and umbrella so you are reminded of wearing it when you leave the house.

  1. Switch to natural cleaning products

After wiping down the counters for the 3rd time of the day, is the smell of bleach or other chemical sanitizers becoming part of your home? If they get rid of the germs, these products can also bring a lot of toxins in your environment and life. Look into natural alternatives to all your cleaning products. Not only will they bring a fresh natural smell to your house, but they are also way cheaper, easy, and fun to make yourself and much better for your health.

  1. Hang your bags

Same as your shoes, your purse, and other bags can bring a lot of germs in your house. The number one rule to avoid is to put our bags on top of the dinner table.

TIP: Have a specific hook for your bag in the entrance and leave it there. It will also help you find it easier for when you think you have lost it… again.

  1. Declutter your house

A decluttered house is so much easier to clean and keep in order. The more stuff you have to lay on the counters, the more furniture on the floor, the more frames on the wall, the longer it takes to clean your place. All these things take time and energy to keep in good standing. The best part is adopting a more minimalist design will make you feel so much better when you walk in your home and will help to keep your mind clear.

TIP: Get rid of anything you don’t use anymore and add closed storage spaces. Have a specific spot for every object that you find so you have nothing traveling around your house. It will also help you keep things organized and stop losing them over and over.

  1. Get rid of your old carpets and rugs

Carpets and big rugs can be hard to clean and are a nest for dust and germs. Removing old ones will help you keep your space cleaner and make it look more modern. If you wish to still add a rug, choose shorter pile rugs that are durable and easier to care for. Look into rugs made in jute or seagrass.

  1. Keep the air fresh

Keep the air circulating in your house, open your windows a few times during the day to keep some fresh air in the rooms. It will make the whole room feel more breathable and you will feel more energized.

TIP: Make sure your windows are easily accessible and not blocked by furniture. Think of adding an air purifier and essential oil diffuser for an added natural smell.


  1. Last but not least, wash your hands!

Keep the habit to wash your hands more often and especially when you are coming from the outside. Even if there is no pandemic outside, there are still a lot of microbes you don’t want to bring back to your house.

TIP: Add a soap with your favorite smell next to the sink and some hand lotion so your skin won’t get too dry.

Let’s use this time and lessons to make our home a sacred place where it feels good to come back to. If you need more help on how to create your unique cocoon and how to keep your place organized and clean, contact us today.

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