How To Create Space To Bring the Family Together

How To Create Space To Bring the Family Together

Your kids lock themselves up in their room first thing when they come back to the house and you feel like you haven’t spent real quality time together in a while. Bringing the family together can be challenging. Different schedules, different passions. Did you know the interior design of your home can actually improve family quality time? Here are tips on how to create space that is inviting for all family members to spend time together.


At Kathy Corbet Interiors, we believe your home should be beautiful and livable. You might even say we’re obsessed with ensuring function and style work together. This is particularly important in homes with lots of people and lots of use.

The kitchen, dining room and living room are the heart of the house, where the family gathers for dinner, to watch a movie or play games together. We want to make sure these rooms are inviting. The first important aspect is to take everyone into consideration. You want to make sure that not only there is enough room for everyone to be there at the same time, but also that the style and practicality of the room is inviting for each member of the house.

1. Seating areas

Does everyone have a good and comfortable seat to hang out? Or does the youngest kid always get the uncomfortable corner chair that no one else wants to sit on? Make sure no one is left behind.

A corner sofa might be a good alternative to offer more room or a fun bean bag that can be added and moved around.

If you don’t have a lot of space, consider poufs, ottomans, anything backless that can add an extra spot. Pieces like this can also double as footrests or even storage when not everyone is at home.



2. Make it a cozy place

Add soft texture such as rugs, cushions, and blankets. They add a feeling of coziness and are inviting to snuggle down. They also absorb sound, which can be very valuable for a busy family house.

Pay attention to the lighting of the room. Is it too harsh, too bright, too dark? Try adding different sources of lights using floor lamps and table lamps and see how it changes the atmosphere of the room.

This rug adds cozy texture to the room and absorbs sound.

3. Create more storage for everyone

Keep the living room clutter-free and inviting at all time by offering easy storage for everyone. Use unique rattan baskets tucked under tables or decorative storage boxes covered in leather or other luxurious materials to keep the main space open and more inviting for hanging out.


These ottomans store toys, books or blankets and double as extra seating.

4. Personalize your space

Your living room should be unique to you and your family. Showcase art pieces that everyone enjoys, family portraits or landscape pictures of your last vacations all together to bring up good memories. Use open shelving, for example on top of the sofa, to display travel memories, plants, books or your family’s favorite games.  Make the walls look more unique to your family.


Built-in shelving makes a perfect space for family photos or souvenirs.


5. Choose durable furniture

You don’t need to compromise on your stylish interior once you have kids. It is advised, however, to make some smart decisions when it comes to furniture and decoration. You want to have a house your kids and family feel they can move freely and play in. If they have the feeling that they might break something or get yelled at because they scratched the brand new expansive couch by mistake, chances are they will want to stay in their bedrooms more.

Leather sofas are easy to clean or you can go for a fabric that is more stain-resistant. Same for light shades–pick fabric instead of a fragile material. This will spare you feeling stressed when the party gets a little too out of control and will avoid disaster around the house.

Durable fabrics don’t mean a loss of style.


We don’t recommend any fabrics unless we have spill-tested them ourselves. Some of our go-tos include performance fabrics with Crypton, polypropylene, and Sunbrella or other indoor/outdoor fabric.

By including your entire family in the redecoration and design of the family rooms, they will feel more engaged and want to spend more time out of their bedrooms. Now that your space is well thought of for more family time, schedule some time in the shared calendar to spend high quality time together on a regular basis.



Need help redecorating your space to fit everyone’s needs and create a more homey feeling for the entire family? Let us know, we’d love to help you create magical moments with your loved ones.

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