Get your house ready for winter in Richmond, VA

Get your house ready for winter in Richmond, VA

As the weather is starting to get cooler, getting cozy indoors is all we want to do. Here are our tips to make the best out of the season and decorate your house appropriately for maximum coziness. Grab your hot tea, wrap yourself in your blanket, and lets go! 

Starting Indoors…

Update your Art and Accessories

Give your art pieces a makeover. Switch the pictures in the frames, change the candles holders. Think winter landscapes and cozy quotes. 



Try Winter Colors

We love the different winter color palettes. Try mixing a bold black or dark green with natural elements such as wood. Go for more earthy tones with a mix of browns, tan, and light orange. Or go more neutral and brighter with creamy tones.  


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You can add those colors on the walls or, if you dont feel like repainting or pick them for soft furnishings such as rugs, curtains, blankets.


Blankets and Baskets


Extra fuzzy and soft blankets are a must for the season. Make sure they match your interior and add them to a basket for easy access while keeping the space organized. Container Store and Target are my go-tos for pretty, functional baskets. 


Rugs to Warm Up Cool Floors



Get a new rug that will make you want to walk barefoot even on colder days. That will really give your space an extra cozy feeling. 


Add Lights to Brighten Shorter Days



Make sure you have enough lights around the house for every mood as the days are getting shorter. Some brighter and some softer options to keep the mood cozy. Add light strings for extra magic. You can place them in a jar and make it a centerpiece.  


Bring the Outside In


Decorate your interior with a dried leaves arrangement that will last all winter and make you feel connected to the new season. Add a potpourri bowl with some winter favorites like dried orange to spread that comforting warming smell throughout your home.  


Moving Outside The House…

Choose a Seasonal Wreath

I made this small swag. Look how it brings the winter vibe inside on the first snowy day in Richmond!


Share that cozy winter energy starting at the front porch. Add a wreath on your front door that will make a big impact without much investment.  You can either buy one already made or make an afternoon out of it and make your own. Go to a craft store for tips on making a faux wreath or see if your nearest Christmas tree sales spot will give you some fallen tree trimmings to use as a base.

Instead of going red and green, if you keep the colors and decoration pieces within your wreath neutral you will be able to keep it up all through winter.


Change Up Your Doormat 

This is also the perfect occasion to switch up (or add) a doormat. Not only will it be convenient to wipe off rain, snow, or mud before entering the house, but it will also add a nice touch when welcoming guests to your house. Dont be afraid to add a personal note to it. Frontgate is one of my favorite sources for stylish doormats. 


Don’t Forget Winter Plants



We dont necessarily associate winter with plants, though some wonderful species last all winter or even all year long. Japanese Yew is a great option, as well as Potted Blue Spruce, usually used as a Christmas tree but they can also be kept in smaller pots. Other ideas include: Thread-Branch Cypress, Winter Gem Boxwood, or English Boxwood. Also don’t forget poinsettias. They are available in more colors than red–even pink! Who knew? 

Are you excited to step into winter fully and make your house extra cozy? We are here to help you if you need more ideas. Contact us today. 

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