5 Ways to Finally Make Your House Feel Like Your Home

5 Ways to Finally Make Your House Feel Like Your Home

You might have just moved into your house or you could have lived there for years, but it’s gotten away from you. Your mom buys you a throw blanket, a friend gives you a framed photo, and suddenly your home is filled with items that don’t reflect you. Every so often, you need to hit the pause button and reset. Take the time to review and refocus. These five simple tips can help guide you and get you back to feeling at home in your home.

First, is this really important? YES! The difference between your house and your home is the feeling of safety, comfort, and love that you get when you are in your home. Your home is more than just a place to sleep at night. It’s a place to create memories, to grow, to rest, to feel good.



If you currently see your house as a place to eat, sleep and repeat and you take the first opportunity to get out of your space because you don’t really enjoy spending time indoors, let’s take a look at the following:

5 Tips to Make Your House Feel Like Your Home

1. Ask how comfortable is it?

You always want to choose comfort for your house. Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean it can’t be pretty as well. But if you fall in love with a piece of furniture that is really pretty but not comfortable at all, realize it might not be right for you (same with shoes, you will never wear them or end up hating wearing them).

Do not choose beauty over comfort or practicality.

  • A half glass door for the shower that looks stunning but makes your entire bathroom floor wet? No!
  • A couch that is only comfortable when sitting upright? No!
  • An office that is big enough to only hold your computer and not even a notepad? You guessed it, no!

Even lighting, a well-spaced floor plan and plush furniture make this room comfortable and stylish.

Comfort and convenience should come first. You might want to convince yourself that “you don’t really need that much space”, or “it really isn’t that uncomfortable”… be honest before buying new furniture and think of how practical it is.

When I think about comfort, I focus on even lighting to create a sense of calm, a high-back chair that lets me really relax without holding my own head up, and a furniture arrangement that doesn’t make me walk into oddly placed furniture.


2. Consider Lighting

We’ve said it before, we’ll say it again. Good lighting is a key element to create the right atmosphere and put you, your family, and your guests in a cozy, homey mood.

Bring in as much natural lighting as possible to bring harmony and energy to the room while decreasing the level of stress. For indoor lamps, choose warm and smooth lights to make everyone feel comfortable and safe. Your lighting has an impact on how people feel and can create a relaxing environment or a stressful one.


Lighting placed throughout this room yields options to create different moods throughout the day.


Think about adding a remote to control the intensity of the lighting in the rooms or add different lighting optionsa smaller light on a table for reading, a wall light behind the TV, etc.

I like to get lighting in all four “corners” of a room by combining floor, table and wall lights. Use a decorative light instead of a functional lamp to add style at the same time.

3. Show Your Personality

Minimalist interiors are great for many reasons, but even minimalist doesn’t mean your space needs to lack personality. Your home is unique to you and your family. When someone walks in, they should be able to recognize your personality, your style. Choose colors that speak to your heart, hang pictures of family and friends that make you smile, showcase objects that you brought back from traveling. Have fun with your décor and make sure it represents who you are.


In this dining room, one central piece of art spaced perfectly adds interest and showcases the personality of the homeowner.

When placing your personal items, do think about how they are displayed. Even spacing and centering help your favorite items to stand out. Also, avoid going too high. Place items at eye level.

4. Choose Refillable Containers Over Disposable

Remove the plastic containers and instead select pretty soap bottles in a durable material (this also allows you to buy in bulk and consume less plastic). Don’t let toilet paper rolls in the plastic bag on the floor and instead display it nicely in a cabinet. You can also put all your spices in cute little jars and choose a pretty glass bottle for your tap water. All these details will make your home look extra cozy and show that you care.


Cute jars and containers help organize this laundry/storage space while adding to the look of the room.

5. Softness Makes it Cozy

Purchase new pillowcases and soft blankets. Choose colors and prints that match your interior and your personality and that make you want to wrap yourself in them. Clean, soft, and comfortable are key here to make you feel home. Two of my favorite sources for linens are Pom Pom at Home and Amity Home.



Are you ready to make your house your dream home? Walk around your space and note all the things you are not satisfied with and how you could improve them step by step. If you need help, contact us today. We love to make you feel comfortable and proud of your home.

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