How to Plan an Interior Design Project to Finish it Successfully

How to Plan an Interior Design Project to Finish it Successfully

Starting and successfully finishing an interior design project takes more than cute ideas. You need serious planning!

Since the beginning of the lockdown, we are seeing a huge amount of people taking on new renovation and decoration projects for their home. Of course now is an optimal time to give our interior a new look. Since we are stuck inside with more time on our hands, we might as well take the opportunity to make our home a space we truly enjoy.

The family room is the most popular project now. People want to gather in comfort and have enough seating for all with extra flexibility for activities: game tables, desks, etc.

Before you start tearing down walls, let’s discuss some key elements to take into account at the beginning of any interior design project to make sure it goes smoothly from start to finish.

Understand what’s not working

The best place to start is by truly knowing the space you are working with. First ask yourself: why would I like to change this space? What is wrong with it? What do I don’t like about it? Be as specific as you can so you can find better solutions to the problem. If you decide to repaint your kitchen because you don’t like the current color but don’t take the time to understand why you don’t like it, you might end up with a very different color that still doesn’t make you happy. Let’s say you shift from an off white to a dark blue. It might look very different, but what you were actually craving was something brighter and more fresh.

If you’re working with a designer, make a list of what you don’t like and a list of questions or things you are looking for. One of the most common problems I get from clients is finding practical furnishings that are stylish, but also accommodate kids and pets without stress about spills and stains.


Take a close look at your space. What do you like and not like?

Start envisioning

Spend some time envisioning how your place will look once the renovations are done. Picture your family in it daily. Make notes of how the room will be used, how often and by whom. This is an important step because it will help you to really picture the space when done and see what needs to be added or removed in order for the room to be efficient and comfortable. Knowing exactly how the room will be used will help you stay pragmatic. This isn’t about a having fantasy of a pretty living room like in a design magazine. Be real. If you have kids imagine them playing in the middle of that living room, for example.


Our Virtual Design services make it really easy to envision your future space.


The finished project!


Involve the family

Having one person in charge in any project is important to move forward and make clear decisions. Of course, ask for feedback from the other family member who will also be using the space. If you are planning your own home office, then asking for other people’s opinions might not be as big of a deal. If, on the other hand, you are remodeling one of the kids’ rooms or the living room make sure the people concerned have the same vision as you. Get everyone on board and excited by including them in your planning. Plus, other people have a different perspective and might bring up ideas you hadn’t considered.

Size and details matter

Get to know every detail and measurement of the room you will be redesigning. Measure walls and furniture that will stay, know where the electrical plugs and light switches are located. Take inventory of every little detail you would like to change so you can complete them all at once and make sure you don’t forget anything. If you are working with professionals, keeping a clear list of what needs to be fixed is important. This will make it easier when asking for a quote, too.


Our Virtual Design services are also great for making floor plans and envisioning big changes before you make them.

Make a visual

A visual floor plan of the room you will be redesigning will help you decide where to put the furniture, how much room you want to keep clear, etc. Don’t think of only the visual aspect and how beautiful you want it to look. A space also needs to be efficient and functional otherwise it will quickly become the prettiest but most annoying place in the house that no one uses.

Before starting any transformation in your house, find inspiration on Pinterest, read magazine and blogs (like this one!) until you find a concept that really fits you. If you are looking for a team of experts to help you make your renovation project a success, let’s chat. We make the planning and implementation process easy so you can relax and live your life.

Here’s what one client had to say recently:

“Kathy has helped us navigate several projects – and what I love about working with her is her ability to help at a variety of levels. I swear she has a sixth sense for choosing décor that her clients fall in love with at first sight– as evidenced by our new family room sofa that I absolutely obsess over. As a working mom, I also appreciate her organization, knowledge of truly durable surfaces and fabric, and how quickly she can put ideas into action. Our projects move quickly and she keeps track of every detail and makes sure it is done right – truly amazing to work with!”
— Allison B, Richmond

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