Date Night In: Decor Tips to Wow in Quarnatine

Date Night In: Decor Tips to Wow in Quarnatine

Can’t go out to a nice restaurant and haven’t dressed up in days? As we are all enjoying working from home and wearing our most comfortable clothes, we are starting to miss feeling a bit fancy.

Who says we can’t have a proper date night at home even in quarantine? And yes, this applies even if you are by yourself. Trust us, this is going to spice things up from your daily lockdown routine and you’ll enjoy feeling like the most special person in the room.

How to Do Date Night At Home

1. Dress up your food

Of course, a delicious dinner is the first thing you neat for a fabulous date night. This is the perfect time to either make your favorite dish or try a new recipe. Whatever you are making, even if it’s super simple like pasta and sauce, make it look pretty like in a fancy restaurant.


Delicately placed pasta and sauce plus a sprig of basil makes a classic meal look so much nicer.


We first eat with our eyes. This doesn’t mean you need to go buy new dish ware. Plain, white plates can actually be a better canvas as they will allow your food to pop.

The visual is all in the details: add the additional garnish of herbs that you might usually skip, drizzle your dish with extra dressing, put some leaves on the side of the plate, and tada! You can even pick some edible flowers from your backyard and decorate your plate with them.

Quick Tip: Make your rice look super fancy by simply scooping it to a small bowl or cup and pressing it all together before turning the bowl directly onto the plate so the rice has a nice round shape like you see in restaurants.

2. Dress up your table

You don’t need new fancy decorations to set a pretty table. Choose a color scheme and see what you have around the house that matches. Add accessories from other rooms that go together. Do you have wedding china that you never use or crystal stemware that’s stuck in a cupboard? Pull it out and use it! Make the night feel special by pulling out the good stuff, even for one or two guests.


Pull out the silver and crystal for a formal feeling at home.


When we think about nature, fresh flowers come to mind, but that isn’t always an option in winter. Instead of buying flowers, bring a pretty branch inside or dip some pine cones in metallic paint. On your next walk in the wood or in the park, check to see if there are branches or leaves that you find pretty and you can put together as a centerpiece.Also, think about bottles, cans or other containers you might be able to repurpose as vases.


Funky leaves and flowers plus a fun statue create a tropical theme inside. Just add some Thai takeout.


It’s also time to get the placemats out! Complement nature you’ve brought inside with placemats made from natural fibers such as cotton, hemp, linen or rattan. A good placemat is wide enough to hold both the plate, silverware and napkin.


Don’t have cloth napkins? No problem. Look around your house for other items like bandanas that can pull double duty and add to the mood.

Get washable cotton napkins instead of paper ones: not only does it feel nicer, but it’s also more eco-friendly. You can also add extra details by making a cute napkin ring by using twines or branches.

Don’t forget a candle! Something about candles make the place look instantly cozier. Feel free to use different sizes and heights of candles to make your tablescape more visually rich.


Mason jars can double as vases and candleholders for a rustic-elegant mood.


3. Dress yourself up

Last but not least, get yourself ready for a nice date night in. The clothes you wear have a huge influence on how you feel and on your mood. Have you ever noticed that when you dress up you tend to be more careful and you will be less likely to spill your food? It changes your whole attitude.



Consider this night special.

  • If you live with roommates or your family, get everyone involved. Take this moment to prepare yourself for dinner and to arrive at the table with intentions to spend quality time with your loved ones. No phones, no distractions. Pretend this is Christmas or that you are celebrating something special at your favorite restaurant!
  • If you live by yourself you can still make this night very special. How often do you treat yourself to a nice solo dinner? Wear your favorite outfit, enjoy each bite mindfully and be fully present. You will feel the effects right away on your body, ending the night feeling very peaceful.

Consider this meal as a great rehearsal for your next dinner party and enjoy this special moment.

Have a wonderful date night!

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