Interior Design Around the World

Interior Design Around the World

As interior designers, we get our inspirations from different sources. The trends of the year, the newest colors and shades, the most efficient material based on recent researches, the local and historic culture of our town…

Another inspiring source is exploring other cultures around the world and how they view interior design. What seems normal for them might be very different for us. Adding touches from these different cultural influences while still putting your own flair to it can create some magical combinations for your space.

If you can’t travel far this year, let us take you into a little world tour of practices and styles and how people around the globe decorate their homes.

Global Interior Design Inspiration

Japan : Keep it Simple

The minimalist trend is hot in Japan. And it’s definitely becoming more and more popular with  the famous Marie Kondo techniques to declutter your space.

The overpopulation and lack of space in Japan has led to the creation of a style that is taking off everywhere in the world: Doing More with Less.

This look promotes open and flowing spaces with simple and decluttered designs that generate simple and serene atmospheres. The usage of white and bamboo or light woods is very much enjoyed in the minimalist spaces.



Why do we love it?

You spend less time cleaning and reorganizing everything and instead focus your attention on what makes you happy. It’s clean, simple and elegant.


Scandinavian Countries : Get Cozy

Danish and Norwegian people embrace the minimalist lifestyle with coziness. In the last few years, we have learned from the Scandinavian countries how to bring more peace and coziness into our home so we can consequently have a more happy life. That’s what they call Hygge.

How to hygge? Prep your space for extra coziness by removing distractions, in other words, keep it simple. But it’s different than being minimalistic. Treat yourself with extra comfy blankets, scented candles, a reading nook ready for you.

In terms of material focus on comfort, functionality and sustainability and select natural materials. Hemp, wood and woven are a favorite and light, soft, nude colors a go-to.

Don’t forget to add greenery and celebrate nature in your space as well.



Why do we love it?

It reconnects nature and style, helps us to feel more grounded and invite us to feel cozy and comfortable. It’s an open invitation to slow down and enjoy it. In addition, with the tendency to select white and natural tones as base colors for this style, you can add color based on your mood, the season or a trend you want to experiment with.


Indonesia: Batik art

Indonesian culture has a great influence on the country’s decor. Batik is the art of decorating cloth by using wax and dye, and brings unique character. You’ll find it used for cushions, tablecloths and rugs. The bright colors and interesting shapes make any place pop.



Why do we love it?

Batik is different yet very recognizable. It brings the island vibe right to your living room and is a great way to bring in color that is bold in a soft way.


Morocco : Make it Bold

The perfect mix between white walls, color accents and different textures makes Moroccan style unique.

The outside of the homes in Morocco are usually white-washed to keep cool in a country where the sun gets really hot. Beautiful carved doors are the architectural highlight.

Ceramic and mosaic tiles, usually bright and with lots of patterns, are also frequently used as frames, tables and other wall arts.

Vibrant and bold red and blue colors are mixed with organic material such as wood.



Why do we love it?

We love how they connect the indoor and the outdoor and mix the different textures and colors. The use of bold accents creates lots of energy in a room.


Mexican: Embrace the Artisanal Culture

Striped blankets, accent wall colors, vivid tiles or handmade embroidery carpet, take your pick. Embracing handmade colorful crafts will make your home unique and irresistible.

Don’t forget the succulents and cacti. Use different shapes and sizes of terra cotta pots for an earthy authentic accent.



Why do we love it?

Cacti are easy to care for and create a wonderful visual effect. Bright colors brings a fun and happy vibe into the space. Plus, just about anything handmade adds texture a room and therefore a human touch.

Get inspired by the different trends around the world and create your unique space that takes you around the world from the comfort of your living room. If you need help putting all your ideas and dreams into a plan, contact us today.