Kitchen Hacks from an Interior Designer

light colored kitchen

Kitchen Hacks from an Interior Designer

You use your kitchen multiple times a day. Making sure it is both functional and enjoyable is really important. When you feel good in your kitchen, you will also feel more inspired to cook more often, to experiment with new recipes, to host people… all that will contribute to your general wellbeing. 

If you do have a small kitchen, do not worry! With these hacks, you will be able to make the best out of your space and create a cozy and warm environment that feels like you. 


Choose Light Colors

light colored kitchen


The color of a room has a big impact on your mood. Using light and neutral colors will help make the space feel more spacious and airier. You can combine it with touches of bolder colors to add a pop if you wish. If your cabinets are white, take a look at Sherwin Williams “Rhinestone” or Ice Cube” to add some color.  Both are super bright, pale shades of blue. 

Add Wall Storage 

Is your storage in your kitchen really optimized? Start by decluttering your counter space and add floating shelves on the walls.  Consider shelves for hanging utensils, pots, spices, etc. This is my go-to resource.

Try an Open Shelving Pantry

Utilize your shelves to display your pantry items and to make them part of your decoration. Keep a unified look by organizing your dry foods in glass jars. This will look so much better and be easier to use than all the plastic packaging from the store. Anchor Hocking is my favorite food storage resource for looks and practicality.


Custom-Made Rolling Shelves and Ladders

Do you feel like you are wasting space with unoccupied corners? Or does the hole between the fridge or dishwasher and the cabinets drive you crazy? Have rolling shelves custom made to fit your space exactly. It can be a great storage idea for all your spices, for example. 

Also, consider adding a custom rolling ladder so you can move about your kitchen easily and take advantage of high storage.



Drawer Dividers and Linder

Don’t let things inside your drawers get all messy. Reorganize and declutter them by adding dividers. Also, line your utensil drawers with cork so the utensils stay put and organized.



Layers of Lighting

Dim lighting can make small spaces look even smaller. Make sure that you have the proper lighting in the kitchen to give a bright, spacious feeling. Let as much natural light in as you can by clearing the area around the windows. 

I am a big believer in many layers of light—ambient and overall lights, under cabinet lights for tasks, and then something decorative that makes you happy. 

Display Fresh Herbs

Place pots of herbs by the window sills. They will both be useful while you are cooking and act as decoration to brighten up the space.



Combine these kitchen hacks with your own personality and taste. Little changes can make a big difference. Contact us today for additional help building your dream kitchen in Richmond, Va.