How to find the best interior design to share your unique style 

How to find the best interior design to share your unique style 

We all have a singular style; we are made of a combination of elements that makes us truly unique. We like things a certain way and we have our own specific point of view. Some things make us feel good while others make us on edge. Your house is your safe space and you want to make sure it reflects exactly who you are.  

Interior design has the magic power to talk directly to your emotions. Your style doesnt need to be logical. It doesnt need to be trendy. But it does need to be you.  

Interior design can help you to create a universe that reflects what is happening inside your head and body. The more you and your environment are aligned, the more comfortable you will feel and the more energy you will gain.  


Creating space for items that have meaning to you makes your home feel personal and inviting


Are you ready to make your home look and feel just like you? Ask yourself these questions 

Writing down the answers to these questions can help you to better understand the type of environment you want and need. They can also be helpful to share with an interior designer to give them an idea of your style.

  • Make a list of your values. What causes are close to your heart? They can be big or small. 
    • Do you care for the environment? Animal causes? Human rights?  
    • Do you want to put more positivity into the world? more inspiration? 
    • Are you connected to nature? To music? To art?
    • Do you have a passion for the world and other cultures? 
  • What are your current qualities and which ones would you like to expand? 
    • Are you a highly motivated person and want to share that with people around you?  
    • Are you a quiet person that brings calm to the group? 
    • Are you a compassionate person who takes good care of others? 
  • What is your favorite thing about your house today? 
  • What is your favorite room and why?
  • When you think about your house, what are you excited about? And what would you like to improve?
  • If you were to describe your PERFECT home, what would it be like? (Dare to dream big)
  • What frustrates you about your house today?
  • What is your lifestyle like? What do you need to do in your home?
    • Do you work from home?
    • Love to entertain?
    • Need kid-friendly spaces?

These are very important questions to consider before undertaking any design work. As interior designers, we take time to understand who you are and what you stand for so we can reflect that in your space.  

Our goal is to make your space looks singular and uniquely YOU.  


Make a Mood Board  

Having words to describe what you want is important. But, as you know, a picture is worth a thousand words. So start picturing your new home and create a mood board for your dream vision.  



You can cut images out of magazines or make a Pinterest or board–whatever you feel more comfortable doing. Pin or paste everything that you like and that feels like you. It doesn’t even have to be furniture. It can be colors, clothes, destinations… whatever inspires you.

You might come across ideas you thought would be great but actually dont fit the rest of your plan. You might discover other ideas.  

You can also save looks you hate on a separate board. It’s helpful for us to see looks you really don’t like, too, so we can make sure to stay away from those!


Get Inspiration Everywhere You Go  

Every time you go to a café, a restaurant, a friends house note the things that you like and the ones that you dont particularly enjoy. Dont only think in terms of how pretty is it?Also note if it is convenient, comfortable, or easy to use.  



Match up your personality with your design 

Dont confuse a pretty design with a design that’s perfect for you. If you are a casual, friendly, warm, inviting person and your home is minimalistic, efficient, and sober, this likely means your space isnt aligned correctly. It might be a very beautiful interior but one that does not represent you correctly. And this will soon feel out of alignment.  



You want your space to be authentic. Dont just follow the latest trend. If it doesnt speak to you, dont force it!

You will be surprised to see how a change in your interior design affects your entire life. Your mood will brighten when you wake up in the morning in a room that feels cozy. You will feel different when you come home after a long day at work and walk into decor that lights up YOUR mood.  

If you need help putting all your creative ideas into your space OR if you need help understanding your style, were here for you. Contact us today.