Interior Design Tips to Awaken Your 5 Senses

Interior Design Tips to Awaken Your 5 Senses

We experience life through our five senses: sight, touch, smell, hearing, and taste.  

A balanced interior design should also ignite these senses. By making sure they are all taken care of in your daily environment, you will enjoy a more harmonious experience.  

Before getting into it, ask yourself which mood you would like to invite more of into your home. It can be different from room to room as well. Are you looking for more peace? More energy? More inspiration? When you step into that room, what is the energy you are looking for? Then look at each sense and how they can support each other to curate that experience.  

At Kathy Corbet Interiors, we approach each project exploring every design possibility to satisfy our clients expressed dreams and wishes. We apply our knowledge and skills to narrow down to the best options. The mission of our studio is for our clients to realize possibilities they never imagined and gain results beyond their expectations. 

How to Incorporate the 5 Senses Into Your Decor


The most obvious sense we take care of with interior design is sight. The right design should be soothing for the eyes. It creates an environment that is beautiful and harmonious. 

Of course, this goes through many different elements, such as the colors, the furniture style, the art… and so on!  Today lets talk about the lighting. 

The lighting of a room is crucial and will have a strong impact on how you experience and feel the room. 

Make sure to invite as much natural light in during the day as possible. Natural light is full of energy and will brighten up your room and your mood. You might not be able to just break down a wall to make big windows, but you can start by giving more space to the windows that you currently have.  

  • Ensure the window treatment you are using isnt blocking off natural light coming in
  • Instead, frame the sunshine with soft drapes
  • Remove furniture that could be in the way of light  
  • Add mirrors to reflect the light 
  • Add a sitting area to enjoy the sunlight

This calm area is perfect for meditating and getting some Vitamin D.



Taking care of our sense of touch can be easily done by selecting fabrics that are soft and comfortable. Think about your couch, chairs, bed… Take a look around and get rid of all the materials that dont feel right. It might be time to buy new sheets or covers if those arent enjoyable anymore.  

Add more blankets and pillows that will make you feel cozy. Placing a rug on the floor can also create a warm feeling. Imagine walking barefoot on a soft warm rug instead of the cold floor. Wouldnt that make your experience more enjoyable?  


This rug is not only cozy for walking on, but it adds texture and style to the room.


We recommend you to look for natural fabrics as they will bring positive energy to the room.  

Right now, we also love crushed and sculpted velvets availablea favorite is Pindler & Pindler Foreland.”



A great smell starts with a clean environment. Take a look at the cleaning products that you use and make sure to pick ones that smell really good to you.   

You can then enhance your scent by having candles or an essential oil diffuser. Make it available and easily accessible in the room so you can set the mood whenever you want to.  

Adding flowers and plants that will both clean the air as well as release a nice scent will be a great touch, too.  



The photo above is from my own apartment–every time I walk by I can smell fresh basil! 



Having a good sound system in your house will make a big difference. Try having a smooth playlist running in the background and see how you like it. 

You can also add chimes inside or outside your house that will release a relaxing sound with the wind.  

To feel more connected to nature, having a water fountain running might also be a great relaxing tool. Indoor water features are also soothing and beautiful.




Displaying fruits or nuts in a basket on the table is one of the best tricks to invite the family to eat more fruits.  



Having pots of herbs in the kitchen will also be a good reminder to use them more often while cooking. Your spices can also be used as a decorative element that will inspire you in the kitchen.  

Experience life more fully by making sure to take care of all your five senses when designing and decorating your house. Feel the harmonious effect this will have on you and anyone who visits your home. If you need additional tips from an interior designer in Richmond, Va., get in touch with us today!