Simple Interior Design Ideas To Spring Up Your Home

Simple Interior Design Ideas To Spring Up Your Home

It doesn’t always have to be about making a big move, breaking down walls, or repainting all the rooms. Sometimes, we just need to change things up a little, to keep things interesting by making a few changes in our environment. What a better time to do it than during Spring? Here are some ideas to celebrate the blooming season and freshen up the feeling in your home.

Easy Ideas to Update Your Interior Design

1. Update the bedding

A small change that makes a big impact: we often think we need to make drastic changes to update the look of our bedroom, but simply updating the sheets will actually have quite a visual impact on the room. I also love simple, washable coverlets in seasonal shades. Traditions Linens makes some of my favorites.


2. Incorporate more wood elements

Wood s very grounding and brings us back easily to nature. You can incorporate wood in your home using different elements: from a new coffee table to uncovering the beautiful wood dining table you already have. You can also add decorative elements, such as wood picture frames or mirror frames.

Rough reclaimed wood is my personal favorite. Nothing grabs my attention more than a coffee table in a rough hewn, old wood.


3. Add light window treatments

Using a window treatment that helps filter the light without blocking it completely while still offering you privacy is a great addition for Spring and Summer. Bamboo shades, for example, really lighted up your decor.

Custom window treatments designed to make the best of the light, the height and the look of the room are unbeatable.


4. Bring the Outside In

Reflect the blooming beauty of the outdoors by adding plants and flowers indoors. Plants are a great decorative element and help you feel more connected to nature. They also bring peace and help clean the air of your home.

Nervous about keeping plants alive? Try succulents. Or if you like to cook, add an indoor herb garden. Fake branches can even go where there isn’t enough sunlight to keep plants thriving.


5. Update the artwork

Do you have paintings or other art pieces around that have been up on the walls for a while? It might be the season to switch them up. It doesn’t mean you have to get rid of them, but try putting new ones up or switching pieces between rooms and see how you feel.



Changing a few things here and there can have a bigger impact than you may imagine. It gives your eyes something different to look at. You may find yourself wanting to hang out in one room more than in another or enjoying different aspects of your interior. Have fun with it!

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