10 Summer Home Makeover Ideas

Bright furniture room layout by Kathy Corbet

10 Summer Home Makeover Ideas

Whether you are tired of your current interior because you’ve been staying indoors for months or you are just ready to brighten up your space and let that fun summer energy in, these interior design ideas are for you.

Let’s enjoy the sunny vibes all day long from the comfort of your own home.

Ready for a quick makeover? Let’s go!

Here are 10 summer home makeover ideas.

1. Rearrange your furniture

This one doesn’t require you to buy anything new. You just need to rethink your space. Moving furniture around can bring a big breath of fresh air to your interior.

Ever wondered how the couch would look if it was facing the window instead of leaning against it? Give it a try!


Bright furniture room layout by Kathy Corbet


Take a look around your space, locate the source of light and play with it. Switch your reading chair with your bookshelf, put the TV on the other wall, turn the table around, and see how it feels! Even try moving furniture from room to room.

2. Bring summer colors in

Did you know that the Pantone colors of the year 2021 are: ‘Illuminating’ yellow and ‘Ultimate Grey’? These colors are a great way to modernize and brighten up your décor this season.

Or maybe you prefer earth color tones such as terracotta and sand to bring a softer, warm, and natural style to your home.

What about an all-white look? You know clean bright whites say summer!

This is where your personality and preferences can shine. See what you feel most called to and start incorporating that color scheme into your interior.

Whether you are ready to repaint a wall, want to add a removable wallpaper, change some of the fabrics in your. rooms or get a new piece of furniture, these colors will bring in summer freshness.


Bright airy room decor Richmond VA


These are some of my go to almost white paint colors:

Sherwin Williams, with a hint of blue: Ice Cube SW6252

White with a slightly warm hue: Nebulous White SW7063

Benjamin Moore, this one has a hint of purple: Pearl river 871

And a hint of green: cascade mountain 862

3. Choose eco-friendly fibers

As we spend more time outdoors, summer brings us closer to nature. And what a better way to honor nature than to make our home more sustainable with eco-friendly fabrics, furniture, and products.

You could start by upgrading your rug. Choose one made from responsibly sourced materials. Jute, hemp, seagrass, banana silk, organic cotton and wool are great eco options. Recycled fibers are also now available. Eco-friendly materials will participate in making your home feel more natural and cozy.

High Point Market Photo Eco Friendly

This photo is from my favorite High Point Market Showroom—Schwung.  Repurposing is the most eco-friendly decor you can get.  The natural woven grass trend fits nicely in here too.

4. Let nature in

Another way to let nature in is to make space for plants indoors. We love big-sized plants that take center stage in the decor of the room.

You can also add potted herbs to your kitchen. They will be both decorative, useful, and will add a nice smell to the room. This is my favorite way to bring nature in because they smell nice and are handy for cooking.

Another creative option is to hang aromatic plants such as eucalyptus on your shower head. When you take a shower, the steam will activate the scent and make your bathroom feel like a spa. Such a nice treat that will make you feel like you are on vacation!


Fresh flowers room inspiration by Kathy Corbet

My other favorite easy touch is vibrant fresh flowers and lots of colors.

5. Change your bedding

It’s time to store your big blankets and flannel sheets away and replace them with lighter fabrics. Cotton and linen are great options for summer. Choose them in natural, light colors to bring in more energy to the room.  Adding a couple of pillows in different tones is another great trick to prep your room for summer.


light bedding for summer by Kathy Corbet

[share links of your favorite bedding for summer]   has beautiful and washable coverlets in refreshing colors that will give a crisp, clean look to the bed.

6. Try a lightweight window treatment

Heavy curtains and drapes are great if you want to make your room feel more cozy and warm, but in summer you might want to swap those long curtains with more lightweight flowy options.

Layering window treatments is a solution to enjoy both see-through curtains in the day and blackout curtains at night.


Room designed for light by Kathy Corbet

Unlined sheers are my favorite light filtering window treatments.

7. Update your lighting

Another way to make your home feel brighter is to update your lighting and lampshades. Rattan pendant light shades, for example, are a hit as they bring a natural look to the room while letting a lot of soft light through. For a more modern and brighter look, try uncovered lightbulbs.



You can also change out your traditional light bulbs for some fo the funkier Edison ones.


8. Update your artwork

A new season is a great time to update the art pieces around your house. This can be done by switching the pictures in the frames already hanging and picking photographs that have a summer look to them. You can also hang different objects that remind you of traveling.


artistic dining room by Kathy Corbet


Switching the artwork, just like moving your furniture around, will give your eyes something new and fresh to look at and bring new energy to the room.

These maps from Vintage Prints can be nostalgic when you hang one from your childhood state or a favorite vacation location.


9. Change your table setting

Placing fresh bright flowers at the center of your dining table will make a huge difference. You can also get a new set of dishes with a pop of color as well as new washable napkins with summer patterns on them.


Summer tablescape by Kathy Corbet Richmond VA


For a simple fresh look, find assorted containers in your kitchen to use for bread sticks, votives and flowers.  It is a casual way to dress a table.

10. Make your front door more welcoming

Last but not least, take a look at your front door. Summer is usually a time where we host more dinner parties, so make sure to welcome your guests starting at the front door.

Get a new welcome mat, add potted fresh flowers by the entrance, hang a summer wreath. And of course, this isn’t just for your guests! You enjoy it every day, too.

Get your house ready for summer and enjoy that bright and fun energy. If you need additional tips, feel free to contact us anytime!