5 Interior Design Tips to Renovate Your Kitchen in Style

5 Interior Design Tips to Renovate Your Kitchen in Style

Kitchens are on my mind!  I have so many in work right now in an effort to be ready for the holidays that I thought I would share some tips.

For a long time, the kitchen was seen as a functional place: a place where we prepare the food, that’s it. Yet, isn’t in the kitchen that the party really happens? Isn’t in the kitchen that we have some of the best conversations? Isn’t in the kitchen that we’d rather take our regular meals instead of going to the further away, more proper dinner table? What if we decided to spend a little more time making this functional place an inviting, warm room and the true heart of the house? Wouldn’t that make cooking dinner much more enjoyable?

I make my kitchen a cozy, functional space to gather with family

Here are 5 interior design tips to take into consideration when renovating your kitchen.

1. Choose bold colors for your kitchen cabinets

Soft and light colors on your kitchen walls, such as white, light grey or cream are a hit when mixed with bold colorful cabinets to create exciting contrasts.

Pick a green color to bring more nature and outdoors in.



Blue cabinets will add a more relaxing and serene note to counterbalance the heat and stress that can sometimes happen in the kitchen. Black brings a more professional and deep look to the general space. Red showcases the passion of food and can also open up your appetite.

Go with your taste and don’t be afraid to try something bold.

2. Add natural accents

Include natural material in your kitchen to create a soft, warm, comfortable atmosphere. Choose bamboo shades for your windows, rattan light shades, a walnut fruit bowl as a centerpiece, natural tones vases, etc. Make the kitchen more personal by hanging pictures on the walls using light wood frames. Get rid of plastic containers and switch to beautiful jars that you will want to display and make a part of your decoration.


Fresh flowers and a wood bowl add style to this kitchen without overwhelming the decor

3. Bring the greenery inside

Make your kitchen more lively by adding flowers and plants in your space. Go for big leafy plants on the floor, hanging plants for the wall or display an indoor herb planter that you can take advantage of when cooking. Not only is it a great decoration, but you will also start noticing the difference in taste when you use fresh herbs that you have grown yourself.

4. Keep it super functional

Cooking can get messy. It can require a lot of dishes and steps, sometimes multiple people working at the same time. A spacious clutter-free countertop is essential. Keep the items you use regularly on your kitchen countertop and store the rest away. Choose a durable material for your countertop that is both stylish and convenient. Marble is a go-to for its elegance and its easiness to clean. It handles high temperature very well, but be mindful that scratches show quickly. Using wood is another popular option: it gives a warmer look to the kitchen but can require more care. Do your research on the type of material you are ready to use and take care of.

Another good way to keep your kitchen organized is to make good use of height using open “floating” shelving. Display your beautiful jars, favorite wine glasses, spices, and plants to give it a stylish look.


5. Finish it with beautiful backsplash

Backsplashes can not only be very functional and help keep your kitchen clean, but they also can add a very unique style.

There are different options for you depending on the general style of the kitchen you are going for. Choose brick for more industrial, stone to make it look more rustic, wood for a more natural look, or tiles for versatility and easiness to keep clean.

When picking the color, height and design of the tile, make sure to take into consideration all the elements of the kitchen: the color and material of the countertop, of the cabinets, of the tableware, and of the floor.

Go for a natural, soft backsplash if you want it to blend in with the rest of your décor. On the other hand if you feel creative and want that area to stand out, go for it! There are so many different options these days, you can find the perfect match for your kitchen. Have fun with it.


This backsplash doubles as art, giving personality to the room


Let’s make your kitchen is your new favorite room in the house and see the effect it has on your entire family and on your eagerness and creativity while cooking. If you need help finding the perfect design for your kitchen while taking into consideration the space you have, contact us today. We’re here to help and make your house the home you’ve always dreamed of.