High Point Trend Report Part 1: The Naturals

natural freeform pendant lights

High Point Trend Report Part 1: The Naturals

The High Point Market is the largest furniture trade show in the world, bringing more than 75,000 people to High Point, North Carolina, every six months. I always scout for fresh furniture for my clients and trends to inform my recommendations. For the next few weeks I’ll be sharing spring market trends with you in a series. Tune in for updates!

My first pick, is all about naturals. Grass, Rattan, Caning…if it is natural and you can weave it we saw it!  Palacek and Schwung both feature looks that embrace Mother Nature. This trend isn’t only visible at High Point, RHome magazine even did an a piece on where to find nature-inspired decor in Richmond, Virginia.

Natural Furniture Trends at High Point

Bamboo Daybed

bamboo daybed


I love this summer shelter of bamboo. The little wood tables are a great accent too.


Grass Sunhat Pendants

grass hats as pendant lights at High Point Market


This was our favorite showroom overall. The woven grass pendants were perfect with all of the reclaimed and repurposed furnishings. This photo also captures the “Black-White-Natural” trend we will cover later.

Grass-Wrapped Table

grass wrapped table topped with glass


This table was wrapped in grass that was woven into rope. Spills might make me nervous if it weren’t for the glass table straddling it.

Misshapen Pendants

natural freeform pendant lights


This natural material is woven in such an oddly organic way.

Multi Natural Lights

natural lights


This variety of wall sconces are made of so many different materials, even coconut.


Rattan Lounge

Rattan lounge chairs

These chairs also have a fun, funky retro vibe. And the very curvy grouping also touches on another of our trends—“Round and Curvilinear.”


Rattan Low Chair

This fun low lounger and side table would make for a fun reading corner getaway.


Wicker Game Table


I see this in a sunroom with bright green walls. Want to update your sunroom or add naturals elsewhere in your home? Contact us today.