High Point Trend Report Part 4: Burnt and Charred

High Point Trend Report Part 4: Burnt and Charred

This trend may even still be in the fad category right now. It first appeared a few years ago with “fumed” oak flooring and then the matte black trend. Now it is appearing in accessories. I look forward to how this plays out in the upcoming year.

The charred wood trend harkens back to a Japanese architectural technique of charring wood to preserve it called shou sugi ban. Read about it in The New York Times. Here are some different ways to integrate it into your decor. Go here for even more detail about the charred wood renaissance.

This is the fourth part in a series: The High Point Market is the largest furniture trade show in the world, bringing more than 75,000 people to High Point, North Carolina, every six months. I always scout for fresh furniture for my clients and trends to inform my recommendations. For the next few weeks I’ll be sharing spring market trends with you in a series. View the other trends: the naturals, black-white-natural, and round and curvilinear.

Burnt and Charred Home Decor at High Point

Arteriors: https://www.arteriorshome.com

These charred candlesticks in the Arteriors showroom are a small way to introduce the trend to your home.


These have the light fuming burn marks that really bring out the wood grain. They are so beautiful.


This huge leaner mirror is spectacular with the charred wood frame. What a distinctive way to visually enlarge a room.


This shape with the char is great texture on texture. I can see it as an eye-catching centerpiece to fit in so many different styles.