High Point Trend Report Part 6: Faces and Vases

High Point Trend Report Part 6: Faces and Vases

Bust A Move? The traditional Roman bust as decor started a few years ago.  Now they are more expressive! Creativity is encouraged by opening the top and allowing us to give them a hairstyle.

How can this trend work in your home? MyDomaine says it can make your home feel like a museum. Here’s HGTV’s guide for adding vintage faces to your space.

This is the sixth part of a series: The High Point Market is the largest furniture trade show in the world, bringing more than 75,000 people to High Point, North Carolina, every six months. I always scout for fresh furniture for my clients and trends to inform my recommendations. For the next few weeks I’ll be sharing spring market trends with you in a series. View the other trends: burnt and charred, the naturals, black-white-natural, round and curvilinear and mushroom motif.

High Point Trend: Faces and Vases

This vase is a little Piscaso-esque with the angular face.


Now we go Greco-Roman at Wildwood. The hydrangeas are perfect with his hair.


I love the personality that these have.


Yikes! Really?


Faces on a stick and the photographer’s self portrait!


The vibrant gold and super curvy shape of this vase almost disguise the faces.


I love this guy. What a surprise!


These funky faces at Kalalou would make a fun powder room wall arrangement.


This vase was not vaccinated yet.


I love the many emotions shown on the busts at market.  This just tells the story of 2020!

Looking for faces on a budget? Check out Apartment Therapy’s article.