About Kathy Corbet Interiors

We’ve spent over 35 years helping people fall in love with their homes.

You will love it.
It will make you feel great.
You will smile every time you see it.

What is it?
Sometimes it is sophisticated. Other times, it is calm and serene. It can be exciting and exhilarating. It is always unique and always reflects you and your lifestyle.

Kathy Corbet Interiors can design it, create it, transform it.

You can trust Kathy Corbet Interiors every step of the way during the design process as we transform your space. With over 35 years of design experience in the greater Richmond area and across the country, Kathy and her team are there for busy professionals, families and business owners; completing projects with personalized touches that turn a house into a home or a business into an experience.

The Experience

We listen.

We plan.

We search.

We budget.

We create.

We guide and edit.
We curate.
We care.

We make it easy.

The Results

Realize possibilities you never imagined and gain results beyond your dreams and expectations. Kathy Corbet Interiors will make your vision a reality.

Because Kathy specializes in serving people with demanding schedules, her team manages every project from start to finish. Her clients can focus on living their lives, loving their homes or running their businesses.

The Possibilities

Design projects are exciting, but the choices can feel overwhelming. Kathy guides clients through the landscape of options and makes it easy to select colors, furnishings and finishes with speed and confidence.

Using 2D and 3D technology, they help you visualize the space by allowing you to stand in or walk through it before you make any commitments . These design services in turn help partner contractors and workrooms by communicating design features clearly.

Our Resources

Kathy has an inimitable team of installers, fabricators and tradesmen, all of whom are known throughout the industry for their creativity, technical skills, and attention to detail. They bring her designs into reality. Kathy calls it “farm to table” service where she collaborates with these experts to source and fabricate local furnishings, finishes, and designs. There is no surface she can’t cover and no material she can’t design with or install.

Concierge Services

“This is where other design firms find us to be certifiably crazy.”—Kathy

Clients learn that they can rely on Kathy and her team for follow up services—repaint a room, patch a hole your kid put in the wall, move an outlet, create a display, fine tune lighting, hang your artwork…After so many years in the industry, there’s no design service that’s unusual for Kathy.

About Kathy Corbet

Kathy’s career began in the garment center in New York; she clearly incorporates her fashion industry experience when searching worldwide for inspiration, materials, and fixtures. She launched Kathy Corbet Interiors in 2001 and has been featured in HGTV Magazine, Washington Home & Design, Vision Magazine, NBC’s Virginia This Morning, R-Home, and Style Weekly. Kathy Corbet Interiors has been voted a favorite by Rhome Magazine readers six times and has won “Best of Houzz” six times, including the coveted “Top Ten Saved” award.

Kathy participates in countless show houses like Richmond Homearama and the Richmond Symphony Orchestra League Designer House. She is actively involved in helping the Richmond Animal League and Bon Secours Forensic Nursing with space planning and remodeling, giving back to these local, hard working groups.